For Sale: 5 brand new MSA metal foldback faceshield.I will also give you free 24 Brand new face shield cover still cover in blue plastic.
For sale is a brand new 4x6 portable Porcelain marker board (dry erase board) with double sided board.i bought 3 of these and they are by far the nicest board i have ever bought.the information below is from there web site: Best-Rite's Platinum Series Double-Sided Magnetic Markerboard with Aluminum Frame is stylish and saves space in your classroom. Write your lesson plans on one side of the...
This is a new "YEARLY"4 x 6 metal dry erase board with a alum frame and alum tray.Come with dry erase maker i.I also have other new and used metal dry erase boards from 12x4,8x4 and 6x4. NOTE:11/12/2013.I have sold over 70+ boards to schools,churches,business and to people who have always wanted a great dry erase board at a great price and everyone has been very happy with there purchase,so w...
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